Coachella Valley Music Therapy | Coachella Valley Music Therapy Services seniors, older adults, KIDS WITH AUTISM, and helps train staff.
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CVMT Services

Coachella Valley Music Therapy is here to help
Music therapy can help older adults
Music Therapy for
Older Adults

Music Therapy services are provided by a Board Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC). Older adult populations that can be served are people with Alzheimer’s/Dementia, stroke recovery, people with Parkinson’s, hospice, and in rehabilitation etc.

Music Therapy services can be provided in a group setting. These groups are often held in communities such as retirement, assisted living, memory care or independent living community along with many others. Goals address social, emotional, spiritual, communication and cognitive functioning along with others. Sessions are created and geared towards the level of each individual group.

Music Therapy services can also be provided in an individualized one on one sessions. Goals are designed to address the specific needs of each individual. They can help enhance memory, increase communication skills, alleviate pain, manage stress, improve quality of life, promote physical rehabilitation, manage behaviors along with many others.

Music Therapy for

Music Therapy services are provided by a Board Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC). Services are provided for individuals with autism, developmental disabilities, mental illness, and rehabilitation. Music Therapy can service kids from 2-18.

Individualized treatment plans are created to assist the child in their therapeutic goals. Music therapy can support their school IEP goals or other therapeutic services such as speech, occupational or physical therapy goals.

music therapy benefits children with autism, coachella valley music therapy
Music Therapy Training for Medical Staff
Integrating Music Therapy

Coachella Valley Music Therapy provides inservice training to staff for continuing education credits. Inservices can consist of educating the staff on what music therapy is or how to implement music to increase quality of life when a music therapist is not present. Inservices are designed specifically to the program needs.

Experience the benefits of music therapy for yourself or a loved one!